Write an email to Customer Care Head complaining your bad experience during Visit of Shopping Mall. Convey your message with polite approach.


Subject: <Shopping Mall Name> – Reputation and Revenue both are in Danger.

Dear Mr. Samuel,

I would like to inform you that, I was quite impressed with the newly developed Mall <shopping mall name> by <business group name>. It’s first of its kind in the entire region. It not only facilitates better shopping but also a good option for entertainment as having multiplexes and gaming zones. Many Congratulations to the company, team work and especially to you as heading the Customer Care department.

I would like to bring my experience into your knowledge that I have faced during my recent visit at this Mall. When I was shopping with family at 2nd floor – near Kids-Wear section, suddenly a Hording that placed for advertisement fall down and it had injured my toe very badly. There was an instant bleeding; unfortunately first-aid kit was unavailable and hence I had to rush to doctor immediately. On the next day of this incident, I had re-visited the same place and discussed with floor supervisor about this but he hadn’t responded as expected and considered the whole matter as an accident and was not ready to talk further in this reference.

I would like to humbly draw your attention about this matter that, customer’s safety and security should not be considered as secondary than the marketing / promotional activities, Because by ignoring precautions, sometimes it may cause to a serious harm to the people those are shopping at surroundings.

Increasing frequency of such incidents may surely lead to lose Customer as well as reputation. Hence as well-wisher of <business group name> and a responsible citizen, I feel that it is my duty to request you to take corrective actions so that such incidents can be avoided in future.

The primary purpose of this mail is not to complain against any employee of the Mall, as I also agree that it was purely an accident but I would strongly feel that, with better management practices and a smarter team work, we can stop this of being repetitive.

It would be a better step if all such promotional hoardings can be audited again for safety measures and hang out properly as we all know that, prevention is always better than cure, because for any company, it would always be better / cheaper exercise to maintain existing customers rather than to lost and then regain them by spending more on advertising budgets.

Now days, customers are afraid to go to Kids-Wear section and the nearby areas which have advertisement boards at the top. The panic is placed in customers’ mind, they are unable to concentrate on shopping and as a result, it seems that, now visitors are less than the average ratio even if discounts are offered on most of the items.

Decreasing Customer Density in weekend and holidays is off course not a good sign for a competitive business.

In reference of coming festivals, your early action in this matter would surely increase the Customer satisfaction and ultimately business of <business group name> group of companies.

Look forward to have Happy and Safe Shopping.

Dear Mr. Michael,

From your email, we knew that, you are hurt accidently while shopping in our Mall. We really apologize for this unfortunate incident.

We have learnt a lesson from this and immediately inspected all the advertisement hoardings belong to Mall and fixed those with a strong magnetic effect surrounded by metal boundaries, so there would not be a single percent chance to repeat this with any customer in future.

We have also planned training session for floor staffs (including supervisors and subordinates) that, how to interact with Customers in case of any emergency or unfavorable situations.

We humbly offer you a reimbursement of your Medical Treatment caused by this accident. Bill amount would be credited into your account very next day when Bills are presented.

Additionally, we offer a surprise gift to you; kindly collect it from Customer Care Dept. or we can send it to you by having your postal address.

We are grateful to you for expressing a polite approach in this matter and ensure you that, customers are the real asset of <business group name> and the company would always take extra care of customer satisfaction and safety while shopping.

Eager to cater you the best service in class always.

Yours Sincerely,