Hi Maria,

Thanks for approaching us to submit a proposal for data entry project for the website selling Home Appliances and developed in Magento.

By reaching at <company name>, we see that, your search for Best Service Provider is completed.

<company name> is an experienced, equipped and emotionally attached company especially with the projects developed in Magento whether it is design, development, debugging, data entry, testing or support.

We have rich and real time experience of Magento Product Data Entry Services.

We all will undoubtedly agree that, now e-Commerce is the emerging domain and attracting Billion Dollar Business every day; in this ever expanding market, display and description of products became more vital than these were ever before.

Digitization seems everywhere from education, entertain to enterprise, the more you exhibit the more you encash (earn) is the equation for online business.

On the other side, in this economy, time is the crucial factor than everything else in the world and everyone has gifted by 24 hours a day whether he is a celebrity or common person. To spend the time judiciously is an art and the key of success.

By relying us for data entry and other associated services, you will have below benefits including but not limited to other advantages.

  • You can focus on core part of your business and leave worry behind about product data entry
  • You can save time, energy and efforts, which can be directed to the activities that are more meaningful to the project
  • You will have value addition/suggestions from our experienced team for not only data entry work but also overall for the site.
  • You can spend saved fund at the required area of your business to make it stronger than your competitors can.

Here I am enclosing proposal containing all the details about our data entry services that you would like to know.

We are hoping heartily to start a pilot project with you and we foresee to have a long, trustworthy professional relationship going forward.

<company name> would be happy to provide more details in this reference, if required any.

Nelson Peter