Hi Team,

We all are in the field where technology makes lives easy, comfort and enjoyable.

Innovations in technology are expanding beyond our imaginations and hence as a professional its absolutely necessary for us to keep in touch with ever expanding technology, tools, techtics and keep ourselves updated about how smartly we can use it.

XYZ is contributing in these efforts by facilitating a digital and physical library accessible to all the team members irresepctive of department boundaries.

We invite everyone to take advantage of rich collection we have around technology in library.

It is essential for us to timely submit any issued physical/digital copy within predefined timeline so that others can be benefited by it.

Let us jointly assure that, every issued book should be deposited in the same state it was issued, as all these are our assets.

Other information are available on intranet at library page, however feel free to contact Technology Committee, in case more details are required.

Let us utilize this facility, gain knowledge, apply it and make the wonders in technology fields.

Technology Committee