In every business, customer is the king and without customer no business can survive. Customer Satisfaction became top priority for all the businesses now a days. Organizations are spending huge budget for customer satisfaction surveys.

Following are the actions for exceptional customer service.

1. Listening enough is caring enough

Listen them carefully before responding their queries. Proper understanding will empower you to justify your side to customer.

2. Response at Right Time

Prompt response will show respect to them. It is essential to give response at right time, if solution takes time, its absolutely OK to convey them that we are looking into matter, but response their first concern timely.

3. Understand their hidden emotions with shared concerns.

Focus on bonding with business as well. Consider that they are not robots but humans with feeling, emotions and expectations. Whenever emotional attachment is there, earning is obvious as by product – remember this fundamental of marketing.

4. Never forget – why they choose you ?

Uniqueness is the key for every business to succeed. You should stand at different level in providing service/replying queries/meeting expectations then only you can be ahead in competition. Be unique, different and loyal to them.

5. Avoid arguments, Be polite

Attempt to avoid threads of arguments, unnecessary discussions and conflict at possible level. Be polite, humble and transparent to your customers, this will strengthen your relations with them and eventually attracts revenue and recognition for your business.

6. Accept mistakes, pass apology for correct complaint, learn lessons from them.

Its universally accepted fact that, a simple statement of apology is worth than 100 lines of arguments. Accept your mistakes, apologize to customers for those mistakes, learn lessons to avoid them in future.

7. Focus primary to retain existing customers than attracting new customers.

It is always easy and economic to retain existing customer than investing time, energy and efforts to get new customers for your product or service. Think about how we can delight our existing customers and by succeeding in this, you will get new customers to your business with comparatively less efforts.