Dear Employee,

As you know that, we have entered into 2nd Quarter of this year (Q2) with many big challenges and exciting goals ahead. We have to prove ourselves in the market place in front of our customers and competitors. Company believes that, this will not be possible without an optimum contribution from each employee.

By analyzing data and debugging the details in depth about our productivity and performance in Q1, it’s realized that, we could register higher revenue and returns than existing results.

By doing retrospective analysis, we have derived the over usage of social media during business hours as one of the reasons why we couldn’t hit the target in Q1. It is universal fact that, employees prosperous with company’s growth and both of these growths are closely interconnected.

We all firmly agree that, every human is a social animal and none can remain isolated without contacts/connections but it is our duty to not misuse the liberty and facility provided by company at cost of our work.

It might be surprising for you that; social media is doing more than billion dollar business by attracting you towards it and by getting your active participation continuously for maximum number of hours. As a professional such hours are unproductive for you and hence for the company especially for which you are getting paid. Social media has created immense image and impact in our daily life and it has its positive sides as well – no one can deny in this but the company is concerned the way it is used and at the time it is used.

We have a list of users who are using social media excessively during business hours, but the company doesn’t want to restrict this facility for all users especially who are using it reasonably, so I am appealing you all to decrease its usage during working hours as much as possible (use judiciously); however you can enjoy it during lunch break or non-working hours.

Management has decided to keep a track on this now onward and by not getting expected reduction in its usage, unwillingly company will have to make it restricted for all the employees.

Hope you understand the company’s vision, contribute in its success and hence to create the same for you also.

Let us join our hearts and hands together to make better working environment, better company and better future.

Please feel free to share your concerns/comments in Employee Speak section; I assure you that, all the valid points will be addressed appropriately in time.

Manager – HR