It was an afternoon; we all had finished lunch together in office and moving back to work.

My colleague Mr. David stopped me on the way to desk.

“I have to ask you something”, he spoke.

I smiled and said, – “tell me dear” – I was expecting something from office work.

With my surprise, he asked me “how I could make boss happy in office and family at home. What is the secret formula behind this? “

“After putting best efforts, I still miss to manage work-life balance.”– He shared his frustration.

“It’s simple David, time management is the key for this comfort” – I replied.

“We all have 24 hours a day so how you can manage and I cannot?”- He was still confused.

His most of the time was wasted in household maintenance and it was unproductive – he shared the pain area.

He wondered and inquired, “How you manage all these as we live nearby, you know that frequent problems are faced with electronic and plumbing work in our area.”

Hiring xyz is the secret behind my smile – I disclosed.

Their approach any problem, anytime, anywhere – we will be there empowers me to manage my time in own way.

To save time, energy and cost, these services are highly recommended – I added.

Based on his keen interest, I have shared where he can explore service options and opt the suitable ones.

After a month, he took my role and explained the benefits of XYZ to one of our teammates – I witnessed their conversation by sharing the same table during lunch time.

I could see him advocating for xyz services in team, as hiring it had decreased his pain.

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