Dear Employee,

Good Morning.

As you know that, our Q3 results are not expected, we are far behind than the forecast in this quarter.

This has no concern with your performance or capabilities but as it purely depends on market in which we are serving.

Global market for software services are very down now a days and customers are not keen to invest in new development due to funding and other issues by their side.

Outsourcing industry is at its lowest revenue now days.

To survive in this highly unstable and volatile global market, corporates have started cutting team size and employee benefits.

But, you know that as an organization, we don’t believe in this philosophy as we value our employees as family.

Instead of introducing other cost-cutting practices, we have decided to work more to survive and grow in this competitive market.

As per our statistics, if we work on alternate Saturdays in this quarter, we can achieve margins.

Hence, I appeal all the employees to support in this approach. We foresee this as temporary affair for this quarter only. We will review market and margins at the end of current quarter and revise our business strategy. According to industry experts and trends, mostly outsourcing business would be at good stage in next quarter.

Please don’t get panic by rumours and feel free to speak to your managers in case more clarity is required in this reference.

I will be happy to answer all your queries, please send it to me through .

Look forward to your same support and enthusiasm that we had in our growth in Q1.

Neither you alone nor me as an individual can overcome this challenges, but undoubtly, working together, we can get best results by beating a temporary trouble that is across globe.

Help us to help you.

Michael Peter