Dear Garage Owner,

Have ever thought to sell your garage due to any of the following reasons?

  • Expansion of car repairing business hence moving to wider place
  • Setup garage in smaller area than it is existing now
  • Business diversification from car repairing
  • Less investment in garage looking at financial aspects
  • Wish to take over any existing garage at prime location
  • Interested to invest more in car repairing technology and automation than wider space
  • Complete closure of car repairing business

If your answer is Yes for any of the above, you should read further till end and if No, thanks for investing your minutes to read by this line- you may attend the next customer in waiting. J

We all know that, land is a fixed asset and can’t be generated by humans. With developed civilization and society, land rate in prime locations are very high in <region >. This means your garage value may be more than you have ever thought.

<website URL> is offering valuation of your garage – completely free. We are using digital maps to locate your garage and value it. You only need to provide below details to us.

  • How many car service your garage can accommodate at a time?
  • What you offer to your customers in car service?
  • How many equipment you have installed for car service?
  • Out of all car service functions, how many are manual and how many are taken care by automation/tools?
  • Total team you have for car service. How many of them are permanent and how many are on contract/temporary engagement?

By getting above details, we will provide valuation report of your garage within a week. We will neither visit to your garage nor charge anything for this service.

We have some customers in our database who are interested to take over any existing garage; we will share valuation report to them. If it suits to their budget and preferences, we will contact you further.

Please give your garage valuation now and appreciation soon.


  • As per our agreement with customers, if the deal is finalize with you, we will charge only them – not you, for you it is completely free service with no obligation at all.
  • After getting valuation report, if you are not interested to take anything forward with us, we will respect your decision and ensure about no communication further in this reference.

Thomas Nelson