Write three short emails to customers for the product sold.

  1. Thank you for purchase email
  2. Customer has received item as expected (first review request)
  3. Followup to customer for product review after usage (second review request)

1. Sub : Thank you for your purchase

Dear Sam,

Hope you are doing well.

Thank you for buying our product and providing us an opportunity to serve you.

We really value your time to find best product in class and no-compromise attitude towards quality.

We assure you the great satisfaction by using our product.

It is extreme pleasure for us to add you in our rich customer database and look forward to build long trustworthy mutual relations with you.

Thanks again for your engagement with us.

Best Regards,

2. Sub : Let us know your experience from product demand to delivery cycle

Dear Sam,

Hope you are doing well.

We would like to know your experience about product delivery.

We believe that, you have safely received the same product that was ordered. The quantity or quality does not differ than your expectations.

It was properly sealed when you got it; user manual, product bill and accessories were available inside the packing.

Product delivery was also on time and we assume that, you have checked the originality and warranty card too inside the box.

We keen to know your observations and opinions during demand to delivery cycle.

Kindly let us know.

Best Regards,

3. Sub : Please educate us about your post usage product experience

Dear Sam,

We hope that, you have already started using our product and enjoying it.

We assure you that, it has been passed through various quality checks and maintain high industry standards, but on top of this, we believe that, your experience with product is extremely valuable to us.

We confess that, real user can unwrap many areas of improvement for product after using it.

Hence, may we borrow some minutes from your highly valuable time to provide feedback for product betterment?

We guarantee that, the time you spend on feedback will surely return to you in terms of better product where you experience your current opinions in it.

Please let us know about anything that you need as immediate action or attention for us.

Help us to help you.

Best Regards,