Dear Principal,

Hope you are doing well.

On 11th Nov 2010, we felt ourselves extremely lucky when my son’s (David Nelson D’souza) admission was confirmed by <school name> when he was taking baby steps. David has been with school from Nursery and now studying in standard II A.

In this duration, we recommended <school name> to many of our friends and relatives as best place for their kids to study and grow overall.

But some recent repetitive bad experiences with school completely changed our belief.

On 9th Feb 2015, class teacher <name> hit by son for not completing his homework – as per law, this is punishable act for teachers.

We ignored this incident and ensured that David never missed his homework then.

On 16th March 2015, David was not feeling well hence laid down his head on bench with sleepy eyes, teacher punished him (enforced to stand up for 2 hours) without even bothering to know the real reason.

We have mentioned our concern in diary but no response received from teacher.

On 8th May 2015, teacher crossed all boundaries of humanity when he slapped my son for dropping minor food particles while eating lunch in canteen.

All aforesaid incidents are commonly observed in primary students and neither major issue for teacher nor for school.

My son was frightened due to these repetitive rough behaviours of teacher and denied to go to school; hence, his mom and I personally visited school and tried to understand the root cause of this discrimination towards my son.

We inquired politely David’s fault and areas of improvement but instead of exchanging information as per school’s norms, he shouted badly and did not ready to talk to us even we met him with prior appointment.

Now I have no other option available except requesting you to look into this matter and take disciplinary action against class teacher at earliest.

I knew from other parents that, their wards are also facing similar challenges with this teacher.

It seems that, students are suffering due to his personal issues and such incidents bring school’s reputation down rapidly.

<city name> knows that, how hard you worked to build this school and goodwill. Efforts of decades are in danger if such incidents are not prevented immediately.

In case school management does not take any action against this teacher within 2 weeks of time (by 28th June ’17), unwillingly we have to log police complaint against him.

We are happy to discuss this case with your prior permission, please let us know your suitable time to validate our claim, evidences and action to be taken after common conclusion.

Your Sincerely,
Nelson D’Souza