<NGO name> is 5 years matured NGO working for orphans below 18 years. The noble journey started in March 2012 with only 2 children and now proudly provides shelter, food and education to 20 children in different age groups irrespective of their gender or religions.

Due to our commitment towards humanity, transparency at work and blessing of orphan kids we are honoured with very prestigious <award name and year > from state government in this short time span.

By receiving numerous offers from gentle citizens to help orphans, we are providing open opportunity to those who want to return something to society irrespective of help size or nature.

Hence, if you think that, you can and should do something for the children who have no parents, siblings, friends and even any identity in this civil society but struggling to manage basic need of life, then we welcome you for this noble cause.

According to nature’s law, whatever goes around, comes around so if we spread happiness in someone’s life, naturally it will come to us.

We are open to accept help in any form – cash or kind. It can be food, clothes (in fair condition), books, sponsoring short trip for children at nearby place or anything that you can afford.

If you are running short of time, please visualise our work by visiting <website name>, otherwise orphans would be more than happy to interact with you, if you can spare some time to visit us at below mentioned address at your convenience.

Hoping your help for their happiness.

For <NGO>

Yours sincerely,
<coordinator name>
<NGO Address>