Dear <name>,

We all know that, mental peace is the most important but hard achieved factor of human life. Obviously we all are in rat race to get it immediately but don’t know the ways to reach at it.

Surveys and researches proved that, when people surrounded by nature feel calm and cool. To feel comfortable you don’t need to go to forest, hill stations or beaches but a small setup of plantation at your home will make you more energized by giving fresh air, eye soothing greenery and beauty of colors, designs and patterns.

Like many other things, the cost of plantation at home is one time cost that everyone can afford for mental peace but watering it regularly on need basis is a common challenge in urban areas where people hardly find spare time from their busy routines.

If you are one of those busy bees who love to enjoy nature at doorstep but rarely spends time and money for their survival then you must read further to find a clue about ‘how to be cool and comfort without investing much?’

We offer a product called <product name>.

<product name> senses a moisture level from sand and when decreased passes a signal to the device connected to it. This device is integrated to water supply source (tank) via tubes.

By getting low moisture signal device invokes water supply through tubes to plant which continues until moisture reaches at expected level.

Once setup, this entire process automatically waters plants on need basis even in your absence. Through its advanced sensor, you can track how many times a particular plan has been watered during specific time interval.

This amazing affordable solution will not only saves your time, energy and efforts but also cuts your cost for electricity and water to make the plants green.

We also offer customization in our standard solution based on your specific need.

If you are concerned (and want to contribute) in world’s most worried but less actioned problem ‘save environment, save water’ then please book a free demo with us.

Write us at <email id> or dial our toll free <phone number> to inform us your convenient time and customized requirement. Our representative will be more than happy to demonstrate product benefits at your place with no obligation to buy product from us, even we assure no follow up in this reference unless we hear anything from you.

Looking forward to receive your green signal for greenery.