Dear Sir,

Thanks for arranging annual performance review meeting and handing over appraisal letter.

To be very honest, like a common employee, I was excited to open letter and know the incremented amount, but unfortunately I got very disappointed by knowing figures.

In addition to our one-to-one conversation around monthly increment, here I am writing formally that, I am not satisfied with it and requesting you to consider my case for revision.

Below are the reasons and relevant facts that would help you to take appropriate decision in this reference.

  1. During last fiscal year, I have successfully executed <project name> which was on hold twice ago due to leadership challenges at our end.
  2. Customer is highly impressed with our quality delivery on time and promised to provide more work (phase 2) in current quarter sometime.
  3. Being a single Point of Contact for customer from <company name>, I had replied emails and resolved issues almost 24 X 7 irrespective of timezone difference.
  4. When project was on its peak, two senior professionals left us due to family issues without serving adequate notice. I mitigated this risk by stretching my schedule voluntarily in weekdays and weekend also without expecting OT from organisation.
  5. I have always motivated team to get their best and maintain balanced attitude during unfavorable circumstances we experienced from customer.
  6. During dynamic nature of project, customer changed his mindset numerous times and raised run time work request without giving enough time for prep-work, but despite such challenges, we succeed to meet all the project milestones consistently.
  7. I helped you in some retention cases during project tenure (<name1>, <name2>) who have significantly contributed in project success at later stage.
  8. I have cancelled some of my planned/approved holidays at last moment to satisfy client’s random request.

You would be agree that, last year has been very challenging than previous year for business and I have invested my best in company’s growth and success by constantly ensuring that, there should be neither revenue loss for organisation nor quality loss for customer.

Looking at all the above factors, by getting the same % of monthly increment as got in previous year cycle, I strongly feel its injustice with me.

Hence, I request management to reconsider my case and give me appraisal which I deserve based on my performance last year.

In support of my request, I am happy to discuss this with all evidences and justifications by taking your prior permission without affecting project schedule.

On 11th April ’18, we are completing UAT support for this project, so anytime after that, we can meet for healthy discussion at your convenience.

I look forward to your positive response in this reference.

Yours Sincerely,
Samuel D’Souza