Sub : Potential Business Opportunity – A step ahead towards mutual growth

Dear Sam,

Hope you are doing well.

It was indeed great conversation and overall nice time with you during <xyz> conference.

Unfortunately, I missed to brief you about my last attended session and also failed to get some nuggets from your conference ending session as we both were in rush to catch the immediate connection to our location at evening.

If you are back to business and not busy with any priority work, can we have a short chat over outcome of our last sessions through your preferred media i.e. call, skype or email?

I recall our discussion to find an opportunity to work together in mutual benefits and for overall business growth. Hope you are equally excited in this reference.

Please let me know your thoughts over this.

Best Regards,


Sub : Regarding your article and our business opportunity

Dear Sam,

I trust that, you are doing well.

Yesterday, I have read your information-rich article on LinkedIn regarding <subject name> and highly impressed with the way you have shared details using real life  examples.

You might have seen my comment there acknowledging it.

By the way, I am thinking to call you this Saturday at 11 AM GMT on your cell to discuss potential business opportunity between <company1> and <company2> that we have foreseen together during <business meet> organized in <city name> last month.

As per our discussion at <city name>, this is your free time where you enjoy playing with your pet ‘Marshal’ – I believe.

Please let me know your availability otherwise.

Best Regards,