Dear Sir,

Please accept my sincere apology for not being able to attend the valuable scheduled product training you have provided to team today morning.

I completely understand the loss and like to bring the reason behind my absence in training.

While heading to office today morning at regular time, my next-door neighbour called me for help to hospitalize her husband who is heart patient and was suffering of severe chest pain that time. As their son was out of station, that old couple was completely dependent on me.

As I know the importance of treatment in golden hours in cardiac problem, I have immediately shifted patient to nearby hospital in my car without waiting for ambulance. An old woman then called some of their relatives at hospital for moral support.

After some time, group of their relatives had come to hospital and offered her food and finance. Doctor advised for Angioplasty post detecting three major blockers in Angiography. Eventually, everything started settled down after 3 hours and then I moved to office.

As it was a matter of saving someone’s life with rapid response, I followed my intuition and hence missed an important training for which I was excited for a long. I knew from my colleagues that, it was information-rich training powered by practical product demonstration.

Would it possible for you to share soft copy of your training material so that I can self-learn from it, discuss doubts with other attendees and contact you for unresolved points with prior appointment, if required? Kindly let me know.

I look forward to push myself and get ready with product knowledge in short time before attending training session 2 – Advanced Product Knowledge.

Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely,
Samuel David