Dear Samuel,

How you are recognized in professional and social world – based on your earning, designation, power, status or qualifications! The list is long going… People’s mentality, behaviors and views will be getting changed for you based on the variations in above factors.

But there are others who unconditionally love you irrespective of your power or position, however those are not your family members but always remain close to you – any guesses !

Yes, pets are unlimited source of love but we often miss to provision equal love and care to them in this socially connected fast life where we have to frequently moving out for different reasons.

It is widely observed that, pets decrease their food consumption and remain irritated when they don’t get enough attention in absence of owner. They become weak and sick ultimately with passing the time.

If you are worried about four legged friends in your absence and want to compromise neither your outing nor their health, it is worth investing your time to read further.

Having rich experience of more than a decade in animal healthcare and hostel facility, <website name> helps you to make your pets happy and healthy in your absence irrespective of duration.

Your pets will enjoy any or all of the below facilitates by our skilled staff with utmost care and love.

  • 24 X 7 availability of qualified veterinary doctor
  • Vaccination
  • Hygiene food
  • Comb/Hair Shedding, Grooming
  • Daily walk, exercise
  • Taking attendance twice a day
  • A/C and non-A/C accommodation
  • Special training based on your recommendation
  • Socializing
  • Breeding
  • Swimming

We also offer pick and drop facility and accommodation for minimum a day but maximum no limit.

If you are running short of time, please visit our website <name> for more details or if you want to see how pets are enjoying their stay, you are welcome at below mentioned location between 11 AM to 6 PM any day in a week without taking prior permission.

We are happy to hear from you anytime 24X7 on our toll free number XXX.

It will be definitely exciting to know about your fur friend’s choice, habit and styles to make them fantastically fit in your absence.

Best Regards,

Peter D’Souza
Address : YYYYY