Sub: Are you worried about society where your next generation will be living?

Dear Employee,

What is the deepest desire of person? Obviously, to become smarter, better and important than others.

Consciously or otherwise, we all are using big brands and showcasing that, those are within our reach which are generally not affordable to common class.

Now what enable us to use these iconic brands at such a young age? There is only one unbiased answer – our education that empowered us to get professional jobs having attractive salary and benefits.

But, are you aware that, we have big mass of children in our city who can’t afford formal education. According to <survey>, 45% of children from the city are either choosing or trapped into wrong path of life just for their survival.

By this way, these children are not only spoiling their lives but also harmful to society in some cases in their adult age.

Rather than leaving everything for government and blaming the system, we thought to take a tiny step as part of our CSR activity towards humanity.

Let us create a fund where we all can donate Rs.1 per day for poor child’s education fund. This collection will be spent for their school and uniform fees, library facility and other educational expenses.

To enrich this fund, <company name> promise to add double amount in monthly contribution of employees.

We will have an external auditor to validate expenses and maintain balance sheet, which will be published quarterly on our intranet under CSR > Child Education, however you can request it anytime separately if you want to have a look.

Please note that, this is optional activity and no compulsion for your support. You can start or stop it anytime based on your choice without giving any reason.

We also welcome volunteers who want to participate in our CSR activity that we do last weekend in every month where we identify real needy students.

Let us joint our hearts and hands together to educate society and make more smiling faces. Our small contribution in this noble cause will definitely a big investment for our next generation because they will be living in the same society.

Best Regards,
HR Manager